What specifically is covered in the five day course?

The training is intensive, but is “one on one” to provide trainees with knowledge, and understanding of all aspects of testing and verification. The subjects covered are:

  • the seven pre-power supply tests,
  • the two post-power supply tests,
  • fault finding on:

–          circuit protective conductors

–          ring circuits

–          insulation resistance on phase and neutral conductors

–          polarity and extraneous connections.

Full training is also provided on Earth loop impedance, calculation of prospective short circuit currents, and RCD trip testing.

In all three days are spent on testing with individual instruments provided for each trainee. Adequate training is allocated for theory training to equip trainees with knowledge and understanding of ETCI Rules relevant to testing and verification of installations.

Fundamentally the course is based on interactive learning, rather than passive participation.

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